How to get more energy?

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How to get more energy? Is this even possible?!

Many people ask this question in today’s modern society. But Instead of asking this question, the real question should be: “Is it really possible to get more energy!?”

Our way of life has changed and evolved in the past few decades. So with every day passing we’re getting more and more things that we have to do and finish in everyday life. It seems like we have so much less time to finish all those things. 

What’s even more important, most of the time we don’t have enough energy to finish even 20% or 30% percent of our daily tasks. What’s the problem? How come that we are not able to manage our time in a way we get enough rest and have enough energy to function throughout the day and finish everything we need?

Unfortunately the answer is not that simple. You probably don’t want me to lie to you and say “Hey, the solution is simple. Here are these 5 things you have to do and everything will be great”. I believe you are old enough and have enough experience to know that nothing in life works that way. Otherwise everything would be in order and we wouldn’t even have any problems. The subject of this article is not “the best 7 ways to boost your energy” or “try these 10 tips for boosting your energy”, etc. 

So I will go a little bit deeper with this subject and try to answer the question in a more complex, but more accurate way. By covering every important detail you need to understand in order to “get more energy”. 

First of all, there are some rules you need to understand about energy and how it works. There are some universal laws about energy. Therefore I will first discuss those rules and laws, and then we’ll talk about managing the energy itself.

First rule we need to discuss here is the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. But it can be transferred or transformed from one thing to another. 

I can’t create energy which means my energy capacities are limited. But also, I can give 10% of my energy to John or Mike, or whoever I want. There is no way to produce new energy, we have limited amounts of energy not only in ourselves but generally speaking. The whole universe has a limited amount of energy which is basically just transforming or transferring from one source to another, or from one state and shape into another. That’s a circle process that keeps going infinitely.

The second rule is connected to the first one. Since the energy cannot be created or destroyed, it keeps transforming and transferring. The results of all that transforming and transferring processes are all what we have around us. Every single happening, occurrence or outcome, is the result of energy transferring.

This second rule creates a conclusion that life is a manifestation of where you direct your energy. And It truly is. 

It’s not about how to get more energy, it’s about how to better use and/or direct our existing energy into the right things. 

What we should really start with is to actually look at energy the same way we look at water. 

Simple example, If I took water and I watered a garden bed, would the weeds grow or the flowers grow? Well both, right?! And the water has no ability to discriminate between the weeds and the flowers, whatever I water, it starts scrubbing energy. 

It’s the same way as well if I took energy and I invested it into something negative it will grow and become more negative. And if I took energy, invested it into something positive, it would grow and become more positive. Energy has no ability to discriminate between what’s positive and negative. Whatever you invest energy into starts to grow and manifest in your life.

Right now you are the sum total of where you’ve been investing your energy throughout your entire life.

How to get more energy with physical activity or exercise

Beside these two rules, we have some other rules too, but at this moment we’ll only discuss these two so we don’t get too complicated conclusions. If you’re that much interested in the subject, you can find more details in other articles on the website.

However if you are still looking on how to get more energy in the short term, one of the ways could be speeding up your metabolism. Maybe you won’t be able to get more energy in the true sense of that word but you definitely will be more productive and able to do more useful things throughout the day. I recommend you to check out this ebook “how to speed up your metabolism”. You will find much useful information and eventually maybe you will actually feel like you “got more energy”. Even though its direct purpose is not a solution for the question of how to get more energy, it will still help a lot.

Keeping in mind what we said previously the goal in life is to figure out what it is you want, what’s your purpose in life, who and what’s important in your life and then be able to direct energy towards that, in order you can manifest those important things in your life. 

We don’t want to be carried away from the subject, so we’ll get back to the energy topic, and if you’re interested in the subject of finding your goal in life or figure out what it is you want, then you should look up articles in this category.

But let’s get back to the energy. Why is it important to manage energy? Keep in mind those two rules we mentioned before: you have a finite energy amount and every outcome in your life is the result of your energy investing.

What best illustrates our finite amounts of energy is death. At the same time that is the greatest impetus for me to manage energy. We all realized that life is finite, that we only have one life regardless of our beliefs. We know we have one existence and what happens after death we’re not quite sure. 

We all have different upbringing and different religious beliefs. Some people say when you die you go to heaven or hell. Some people say when you die it’s game over, nothing happens afterwards. Some people say when you die you get reincarnated as a man or woman, maybe an insect or an animal. But no one really knows. We have our beliefs and we hold strongly to them. 

But no one’s ever died, then went to heaven and took a selfie, and then come back and post it on Instagram and said look at me here #pearlygates.

I want to say we don’t quite know what’s happening afterwards regardless of our beliefs. But the one definitive thing we all know is that we’re going to die and that means every single one of us has a finite amount of life. I don’t believe life is short but I do believe it’s finite. And because my life is finite I want to be extremely clear where to focus my energy. 

With this being said the next thing we are coming to is to learn to manage energy in our everyday life. 

This is based on the premise that we only have a finite amount of energy each day each. Same as we have a finite life, and we know that we’re going to die, the same concept can be applied on every single day that we live. For that every single day we have a finite amount of energy and time. We know that the day will end and we won’t be able to do anything else on that day because we’re exhausted, we need rest and energy recovery in order to be active the next day.

So we have this much energy, we take our energy and we invest it into people and things around us. We keep investing, investing and investing, so we have no more energy left and we get exhausted. That’s usually around 11:00 or 11:30 or midnight, and then we go to sleep. Our energy builds up again, so we go out the next day and we again invest our energy into people and things. 

How to get more energy brain booster pills still life

But the one thing most people don’t do is they never evaluate who and what they’re investing their energy in. Instead people should treat energy the same way they treat money.  It’s a finite resource that needs to be wisely managed, wisely reallocated and wisely invested. 

No matter how rich you are, you only have that much money. And before you spend money you must think and evaluate what you’re investing your money in. If somebody asks us for ten thousand dollars or just one thousand dollars to invest into a company, we would ask questions. We wouldn’t just hand them thirty thousand dollars. We would ask what’s your plan with it and what are you going to do with this money. What’s my return on my investment, because it’s a finite resource. I want to know what I get for my money. 

And the simple question is why don’t we do the same thing with energy? Before we invest energy into someone or something, why don’t we evaluate if that person or that thing is deserving of our energy?

In fact, let’s say that ten percent of my total energy I gave to John. And I could have given that to my spouse, my business, the things and people that I love. Why didn’t I evaluate John really deserve this 10 percent of my total energy? Because I took these 10 percent and then I may have wasted that amount on John. And after that when I have to give my attention to my spouse or children, or somebody else who is important to me, or to focus on my business or career I will not have that 10 percent of energy I took and gave to John.

Now, remember that second rule I mentioned at the beginning. Every energy transformation or transferring process has a result. And if John is a negative person, chances that the result of investing energy in John will be negative. So, not only did John waste my energy, he also made me to some negative point in life. Instead if I took my wife out, and had a great time with her, the result would be positive. We would laugh, have a nice time, rest, relax, and that would mean a positive manifestation of my energy investing.

Let’s keep track of energy, but with these last few lines (investing energy in John) we’re talking about people called “energy vampires”. If you’re unfamiliar with energy vampires, you can find an article which explains them on the link.

Let’s get back to the subject. When you wake up in the morning, after you take a shower I advise you go to a quiet place in the house, sit down and ask yourself questions about you, what do you want in life, what’s your purpose in life, why are you here, what do you love, what you are passionate about. And how many people can genuinely answer this? How many people can say this is my purpose in life? Very few people. Once you are clear with your purpose, you know what to concentrate on and you know what to do. And you’ll be able to direct your finite amount of energy to it, right?

Using this concept you’ll be able to discriminate things and people that are important to you from those that are not. By doing this you’ll be able to direct and focus your energy toward those things and those people that you find important to you. And as a result of this process after some time you’ll have manifestation in your life the way you want it. 

Remember, you have a finite amount of energy. You’re not able to cheat and produce enormous or unlimited energy. The best way to deal with it is to control where you direct your finite amounts of energy. And this is the best way you will control the results of your everyday life. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and it was useful for you.


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